Be Bold, Strong, Unstoppable

International Women’s Day Virtual Run – Be BOLD, be STRONG.  Challenge yourself with a 10K, if the 10K is not challenging enough, then be UNSTOPPABLE  with 10-mile challenge.  Choose your distance and location then run/walk/jog/bike or treadmill complete the challenge in 1 day or split up your challenge over the event dates.  Your challenge at your PACE.  CHECKOUT OUR FAQS HERE!

Benefiting The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

International Women’s Day celebrates women’s achievements throughout the world. Its purpose is to promote women’s equality, encourage support for repressed women and promote appreciation toward women everywhere.  Many organizations, including the United Nations, use this day to also celebrate extraordinary achievements of ordinary women. (UN: Women’s Day History) 3.5″ Medal Included

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